Thursday, September 3, 2009

Welcome to neo-serfdom. Slavery is just around the corner.

I guess people don't care or even notice that their world is literally being turned into one giant slave grid. Just recently near where I live they have installed Red Light Camera's on a road where no one has EVER ran the red light. In all the years of driving up and down this town road I have not once seen anyone getting pulled over but like magic the town "officials" had this wonderful plan to put in red light cameras at this and many other intersections across the our county.

It makes me sick.

Everyone knows we are in an economic depression, so why I ask, would the people we elect to help us go and install a piece of machinery that is created for the sole purpose of robbing the general population out of money they can't afford to lose? It boggles the mind. To make matters worse we have a police force that might as well have been trained by a pack of medieval bandits. If you get pulled over now a days you will either get tazered to death or they will throw a bag of drugs in your back seat and steal your car. Now, Where I live there are no town hall meetings, nor is there any way to get in contact with your representative or legislator. Its almost as if these people they are sitting on a cloud somewhere on top of a huge mountain that no one would ever dare to climb in the first place. These "officials" are more elusive then giant squids. The public is getting screwed from sun up to sun down, seven days a week, and they continue to get squeezed with a smile on their face. Its unbelievable.
Lets go down the list....shall we?

1. Most Police are trained to be gang members instead of public servants and the ones in suburban areas are over paid by about 50%. They feed on the public while being guard dogs for wealthy criminals.

City and Urban Police excluded: They are getting the shaft worse then us and they have to put their lives on the line everyday for a measley paycheck and more and more dangerous assignments.

2. Red Light Camera. We are delegating the power of law enforcement over to a robot that can malfunction, could be programmed incorrectly, or has been purposely programmed incorrectly to raise revenue so it can be siphoned out and deposited right back in the coffers of other state and local "Officials".

3. No end to absurdly high property taxes. How much does a family need to pay in a state like New York or California? Some people are actually paying 10,000 to 12,000 dollars a year JUST in property taxes alone. Where is that money going to? AND why? It's getting to the point where people are going to have to start moving to rural areas just to evade these outrageous taxes.

4. The systematic destruction of the middle class. This is the most chilling, horrendous, and counterproductive thing I have ever been privy to in my life. The combination of "free trade" agreements and the lack of labor support in this country is disgraceful. These people WANT a population that is wage slaves. They WANT a population who are afraid to ask questions and fight for their living wage. They WANT to destroy labor organizations and finally they WANT to convert high salary property owners into LOW WAGE PROPERTY-LESS MASSES. This is not a theory, this is a fact. Look around you. College graduates with Masters Degrees are working in coffee houses. We have doctors working at Wal-mart and Target. We have people who are so afraid of losing their jobs they continue to take more and more of a work load for the same amount of money.

We all need to wake up now. Its time to face reality. To understand who are the real enemies. Not the Blue team. Not the Red Team. Not the hippies, soulless capitalists, or the queers. The enemy is WALLSTREET. The enemy is financial oligarchs. We must regain consciousness and be aware of such dangers instead of stumbling through life as hedonistic cretins.

FIGHT. FIGHT FOR YOUR ECONOMIC RIGHTS. There are no fruits without struggle.

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