Sunday, February 2, 2014

Welcome to our Indiegogo campaign for a Vintage Arcade Saloon situated on Long Island, NY! Overview: Welcome to our Indiegogo campaign for a Vintage Arcade Saloon situated on Long Island, NY! Company Summary: Just two guys who love film, retro-gaming, and pop-culture from the 40's to the 80's.
Product and Services: 1. Private Parties 2. Video Lounge 3. DJ / Music / Retrowave, Synthpop, Dreamwave, 80's 4. Cafe / Food / Drinks 5. Memorabilia 6. Pop Culture Museum 7 Competitive gaming, Prizes, tournaments Market Analysis Summary: The market for independently run arcades has been somewhat tumultuous ride throughout the decades abut due to the popular media of the last decade my partners and I think that its finally time to resurrect this lost pastime. Since this will be a museum / arcade / video lounge it will have many characteristics that will appease and welcome the vast majority of the population. this will not be just an arcade, it will be a composite full length interactive museum of important artifacts that should be retained for the enjoyment and informative nature for the community, fans, and curious visitors. Strategy and implementation summary: 1.When can we begin? Immediately. We've already chosen numerous lease able realty locations around our town. 2. Target Market: All ages, since this will be an experimental phenomenon, we believe that this will bring in all manner of individuals. Long term fans, new fans, curious bystanders, and tourists. 3. What makes us different? Vintage Arcade Saloon will be privately run and will provide and different experience by contrast to the corporate fun centers. We will have class, structure, and keep new games coming in with new exhibits. Each Arcade game will have a dossier nearby detailing various facts and history of that game. Each video lounge section will have its own different pop cultural theme and the music will create a surreal and relaxing atmosphere for our customers. Managerial Summary: 1. Many of our team member have prior small business back rounds. 2. Many of our team members have accounting and inventory training. 3. Many of our team have designing, technical, computer, electronic, and videography experience. In Closing: With your help we can build a Vintage Arcade Museum / Saloon which will offer experiences and memories for all ages.