Monday, January 9, 2017

New Crowdfunder: Retrowave Arcade and Pinball Parlor

Dear World, The society we live in is almost devoid of close social interation between people. Yes, we will go to the bars, nightclubs, coffee houses, shopping malls but do we really have fulfilling interaction between the new people we see? I'll ask; What if people had a safe and exciting environment where they could meet and communicate? And even further, What if they had the ability to compete in their favorite video games with one another? Sounds fun to me. These places of long ago used to be called the "Arcades"; named so because the Arcade video game cabinets would be placed in the arcitectual structure known as the arcade. Later on though they were placed just about anywhere they could find a spot for them, not just because the machines were so lucrative but because the human condition calls out for more and more fun social environments to talk, compete, and explore. I feel that we need more arcades....more pinball parlors....more places where people can meet and talk and exchange ideas. Now all we see are sad lonely people sniping at one another on internet forums and across the country on microphones. This is wrong, lets bring back the face to face experience where people learn how to behave properly while competing with one another in a friendly place. This project isn't just about video games, we have more than enough video games in this world, I want a more open community, not a future where people constantly retreat into their smartphones and dark little computer rooms. This is why I would like to ask for the funds to try to start my very own Arcade. As of right now I don't know if it will be a Bar / Arcade Design or just a party place for people to rent the games out for a couple of hours but as long as I get a starting budget, a cushion of capital, I will be able to attempt to find the best commercial property and keep the rent and utilities paid until we can get off the ground. Once that happens I can promise that I can bring much more to the community than just a place for Arcades and pinball machines. I can give them memories, good and wholesome memories that almost every person has to day that grew up in the 80's and 90's of playing a game with a group of their friends or strangers and having good clean fun. Plan for the future include: - Find retail store front with reasonable rent. Establish satisfactory lease / rent conditions. -Remodel / Refurbish / start construction if need be on the site. -Obtain licenses for any and all products sold. Food, Beer, liquor, Vape / cigarettes. -Purchase up to 10 Video game cabinets -Purchase 4 Pinball Machines -Purchase Sounds system - Hire Employees -Negotiate contracts with distributors. -Purchase Sign -Start Marketing Campaign -Hope for the best If this message resonates with you, then please, lets make this Dream a Reality.