Friday, September 18, 2009

Cryostasis first look!

First off, let me say that has amazing customer service. They really get the product to you fast and in the same condition it is advertised.

Ok, I was roaming around the internet a couple of days ago and I went over to Destructoid to check out the news and they had an article on how was having a super sale on the new game Cryostasis. So, Me being a sucker for sales I checked it out. It seems to be a $39.99 game and it was on sale for $12.99. I said sign me up! So I purchased it and it got to my house yesterday.

Now when I finally got into the game play I had this old familiar feeling. I couldn't place it until I got my first weapon (A heavy lock) which my character used as brass knuckles. Right then I new exactly what game I was dealing with. It seems to be a more detailed clone of Sega's Condemned: Criminal Origins. If you haven't played a game like this the way to describe it is that its not solely based on long range combat like many other FPS's, its more of a down and dirty, in your face, first person brawler. Like Condemned. At least in the beginning.

They did inject something new into this tired old genre. As you progress throughout the game you will come upon corpses that blink red. Kind of like if they had one of those lights that the cyclists use clipped on to them. Its funny the first time you see it because the corpses are lit up and blinking like Christmas trees in all these strange positions. So, you go over to them and right click and instantaneously you are transported into their past, playing as them, trying to change the events that led up to their demise.

For example: I found one dead body huddled up (blinking of course) by a door. When you click on him you are brought back to the situation that killed him and you have to run to the right, lock the door so that water doesn't flood the chamber and then use the broken handle from that same door you just came from to fit into the other door that is missing a handle. Then you open all the locks by using all the handles and you move through the door and its over. His soul is saved!

I like the mix of puzzle, creepiness, and action. Good stuff all around!

But Beware of the dreading SYSTEM REQUIRMENTS!......This PC game is for those who have tricked out their PC's. Don't get this if your computer has trouble running Pac-Man emulators.

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