Friday, September 18, 2009

Cryostasis first look!

First off, let me say that has amazing customer service. They really get the product to you fast and in the same condition it is advertised.

Ok, I was roaming around the internet a couple of days ago and I went over to Destructoid to check out the news and they had an article on how was having a super sale on the new game Cryostasis. So, Me being a sucker for sales I checked it out. It seems to be a $39.99 game and it was on sale for $12.99. I said sign me up! So I purchased it and it got to my house yesterday.

Now when I finally got into the game play I had this old familiar feeling. I couldn't place it until I got my first weapon (A heavy lock) which my character used as brass knuckles. Right then I new exactly what game I was dealing with. It seems to be a more detailed clone of Sega's Condemned: Criminal Origins. If you haven't played a game like this the way to describe it is that its not solely based on long range combat like many other FPS's, its more of a down and dirty, in your face, first person brawler. Like Condemned. At least in the beginning.

They did inject something new into this tired old genre. As you progress throughout the game you will come upon corpses that blink red. Kind of like if they had one of those lights that the cyclists use clipped on to them. Its funny the first time you see it because the corpses are lit up and blinking like Christmas trees in all these strange positions. So, you go over to them and right click and instantaneously you are transported into their past, playing as them, trying to change the events that led up to their demise.

For example: I found one dead body huddled up (blinking of course) by a door. When you click on him you are brought back to the situation that killed him and you have to run to the right, lock the door so that water doesn't flood the chamber and then use the broken handle from that same door you just came from to fit into the other door that is missing a handle. Then you open all the locks by using all the handles and you move through the door and its over. His soul is saved!

I like the mix of puzzle, creepiness, and action. Good stuff all around!

But Beware of the dreading SYSTEM REQUIRMENTS!......This PC game is for those who have tricked out their PC's. Don't get this if your computer has trouble running Pac-Man emulators.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to translate the news!

I thought it would be a good idea to show people how to translate a corporate media news article so we can all learn how to "read between the lines". We will be translating "The Way out of Afghanistan" by Fareed Zakaria. It's a misleading title because its actually a pro-war, pro-imperialistic article.

Hope you enjoy my commentary!

The Way Out of Afghanistan

Author: Fareed Zakaria

The United States, NATO, the European Union, and other nations have invested massively in stabilizing the country over the past eight years, and they will not—and should not—abandon it

The most important reality of the post-9/11 world has been the lack of any major follow-up attack. That's happened largely because Al Qaeda has been on the run in Afghanistan and Pakistan. :End Quote:

Channeling the 9/11 myth and then stating that "Al-Qaeda" (US funded) is on the run. Where are they on the run? Pakistan. Why? Because Obama wanted to and HAS BEEN bombing Pakistan because they are allies with China.

Were America to leave the scene, all the region's players would start jockeying for influence over Afghanistan. That would almost certainly mean the revival of the poisonous alliance between the Pakistani military and the hardest-line elements of the Taliban. :End Quote:

If we left that means that the Afghani's would have control over their own country again......What a Terrible idea, right? "Poisonous alliance" = fear mongering

The number of civilian deaths, while grim, is less than a 10th the number in Iraq in 2006. In the recent election, all four presidential candidates publicly endorsed the U.S. presence there. Compare this to Iraq, where politicians engaged in ritual denunciations of the United States constantly, to satisfy the public's anti-Americanism. :End Quote:

The innocent deaths continue for no reason. Wars built on lies. the Afghani president was funded into power by the US. If the new candidates speak out against the US they may get shot or the funded may be stripped away.

The Obama administration's answer to the worsening situation in the country appears to be: "more." More troops, civilians, tasks, and missions. There is nothing wrong with helping Afghans develop their country. But if the goal is to give Afghanistan a strong, functioning central government and a viable economy, the task will require decades, not years. :End Quote:


The focus must shift from nation building to dealmaking. The central problem in Afghanistan is that the Pashtuns, who make up 45 percent of the country and almost 100 percent of the Taliban, do not feel empowered. We need to start talking to them, whether they are nominally Taliban or not. Buying, renting, or bribing Pashtun tribes should become the centerpiece of America's stabilization strategy, as it was Britain's when it ruled Afghanistan. :End Quote:

Great, use a British destabilization plan to bribe the Afghani people to shoot at our troops so we can loot their land. Wonderful idea.

First, increase American troops. Second, increase Afghan troops. Third, shrink the number of enemy forces by making them switch sides or lay down their arms. That third strategy is what worked so well in Iraq and urgently needs to be adopted in Afghanistan. A few years from now, we can be sure that Afghanistan will still be poor, corrupt, and dysfunctional. But if we make the right deals, it will be ruled by leaders who keep the country inhospitable to Al Qaeda and terrorist groups like it. That's my definition of success. :End Quote:

Translation = Increased number of body bags, pay off Afghan troops to subjugate their own people, and shrink the number of civilians through Obama Predator drone attacks on villiages, wedding parties, friendly sports games, and all of this while siphoning all the natural resources and heroine away from their country.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ingredients Found in Spermicides, Cleaners, and Cosmetics along with Thimerosal, and Squalene Present in Experimental H1N1 Vaccine

Trials for the experimental H1N1 Swine flu vaccine commence Tuesday, September 15th in Thornton, Colorado. Novartis, a bio-pharmaceutical company that manufactures the vaccine, is recommending that children participating in the trial receive two doses of an experimental vaccine which contain ingredients found in spermicides, cleaners, and cosmetics along with thimerosal and squalene (MF59). Everyone should have a sense of concern as the only safety checks for these children are a few blood draws and follow-up phone calls. No neurological testing. No kidding.

^ Don't ever take a vaccine. Remember that these pharmaceutical companies are FOR PROFIT and will put the cheapest and most dangerous ingredients into their "PRODUCTS". Beware.

Quick overview from the article.

1. The vaccine contains squalene (MF59) which has not been tested for causing cancer.

2. The vaccine contains thimerosal, a known culprit in causing autism and neurological deficits.

3. The vaccine curiously contains nonoxynol-9 used in spermicides.

4. The vaccine will likely cause (and spread) the flu.

5. No neurological testing will be done to ensure the vaccine is safe from harmful neurological side effects.

6. Monitoring for safety will last 13 months, well beyond the flu season.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Never forget....9/11 was an inside job

New YouTube video is up. Tackles the long standing official myth of 9/11 and brings up some seriously question on how this fantasy was used to single handedly destroy the USA and plunge it face first into a fascist police state.

Youtube channel: TheCoolinator1


Monday, September 14, 2009

DVD REVIEW! Highlander franchise!

Ok, So I finally got my fill of Highlander goodness and I'm just about ready to throw the new DVD's I bought on my shelf until the next time I feel the need for some sword fights and lighting storms but before I let it go I feel the need to share my experience with the Community.

I don't know why. I'm bored at work. Humor me.

So I got Highlander I (Directors Cut), Highlander III: The Final Dimension (Directors Cut) and the 2 DVD collectors edition of Highlander: Endgame (Also Directors cut)

A. We all know Highlander I. Great movie, cult classic. Clancey Brown is hardcore. Moving on. (See my article on Fantasy movies. Highlander is the first one I talk about)


Highlander III
The only way I can describe this movie is that its a reboot. It's the Highlander franchises version of Escape from L.A. Its the same exact movie as the first one but told in a different way and given a few new twists. Namely, Kane's illusion power which I have to admit kept it somewhat fresh. Now I got the directors cut so you know what that means.....SHAMELESSLY EXTENDED SEX SCENE (is that a double entendre?? "extended"....whatever). Ugh! You would think that the prospect of seeing Debra Unger in action would make this scene a little more watch able but no.....absolutely not. Just skip it.
Other than that the movie does the Escape from L.A. cloned storylines like other reviewers have said in the past. Kane defeating Connors teacher (Kurgan killed Ramirez), Kane harassing his son in the car (Kurgan harassing Brenda from HL: I), and finally Kane mouthing off to Connor in a church (Kurgan mouthing off in a church). The scenes are the same but a little different. Which keeps in interesting. IMO.

Highlander: Endgame
Now I must say they really brought some new ideas to the table in this one which I found very enjoyable. They finally bridged the gap between the Christopher Lambert movies and the Adrian Paul TV series. They gave some additional back story to the main characters and Bruce Payne (Jacob Kell) is a wonderful villain. Even rivaling Clancey Brown's Kurgan character from the original. Another thing that they injected in to the film was the premise of the "Posse" of immortals going around breaking the rules of the game and taking heads. This idea was first done in the TV series when the Hunters (Humans) would shoot up an immortal and then allow another immortal of their choosing to take their heads (I think it was called Unholy Alliance, 2 part episode, I watched it on Hulu). The other nice new twist would be that Jacob Kell really didn't want to take Connor's head. He wanted to torture him until they were the last two immortals AND THEN take his head. This is very different if you've ever seen the first and third movie because the main villains’ are always after Connor's powers. The last portion of the movie that I think they did a great job on was how Connor had to sacrifice himself in order to make Duncan strong enough to take Kell on. This was done very well and indicates the whole passing of the torch motif. Usually the mentors (before it was Ramirez, then the Sorcerer) both got killed by the main villain of the movie. However, in this one they gave it a nice little twist with Connor forcing Duncan to take his head. I don't know about you but I got a little teary eyed.

Ok, That was the good. Now the bad. In the behind the scene featurette they talked about how "large" the budget was for the film but you can tell right off the bat that this movie has a cheap feel to it. Not Sci-fi channel cheap but almost there.

Secondly, the Posse of immortals didn't really do anything in the movie other than get shot up in the first fight with the Watchers, fight Duncan Macloed half way through the movie, and then all of them get their heads cut off in this surreal anti-climactic last supper scene. I think they needed to get rid of them and they said "HEY! How about Jacon Kell just walks around the table lobbing off their hands while they just stand there!" BRILLIANT! I mean, come on, at least make them attempt to fight back so they can get completely owned by Jacob.

Thirdly, they blatantly reused a fight scene in the final battle and I mean BLATANTLY. They are fighting through guesses it.....another abandoned factory when all of a sudden Duncan and Jacob do the same exact fight movements from 5 minutes ago. This pissed me off a lot because the fight choreography looked good the first time they did it but when they literally replayed it again to lengthen the end battle it took away from its original goodness.
Hope you enjoyed my retrospective. I think the movies aren't as bad as people make them out to be. Just have fun with it and take them with a grain of salt.

Thanks for reading. Comments are appreciated.

Friday, September 11, 2009

New Youtube Episode! On....The News!

So, I was laying in bed around 10:30pm tired from a long day of corporate serfdom when I came to the startling realization that I had been ignoring the millions of subscribers to my Youtube channel. So I shrugged off the fatigue, sprung up out of bed, put my headphones on, and started talking. The episode is entitles "The News!". It is a compilation of news articles that I've been posting on the political thread in the Sega-16 forums. There is a lot of eye opening information and commentary to be found in this new video with some very nice picture if I say so myself! Thank you, Ixquick search engine!

If you feel like taking a gander at it then take a stroll over to my Youtube channel: TheCoolinator1

Thank you! Comments are always appreciated!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Sega Dreamcast! 10 Years of Fun!

It is 9/9/09 and today marks the 10th anniversary of the Sega Dreamcast. Since the beginning consoles have attempted to bring the real arcade experience into peoples homes but it wasn't perfected until the Sega Dreamcast hit shelves on 9/9/99 !

This little white box had one of the greatest and most creative software libraries in the history of gaming and years after it was orphaned by Sega games are continuing to be developed and produced for it.

We salute you Dreamcast! Thank you for being one of the best!

It's still thinking!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Welcome to neo-serfdom. Slavery is just around the corner.

I guess people don't care or even notice that their world is literally being turned into one giant slave grid. Just recently near where I live they have installed Red Light Camera's on a road where no one has EVER ran the red light. In all the years of driving up and down this town road I have not once seen anyone getting pulled over but like magic the town "officials" had this wonderful plan to put in red light cameras at this and many other intersections across the our county.

It makes me sick.

Everyone knows we are in an economic depression, so why I ask, would the people we elect to help us go and install a piece of machinery that is created for the sole purpose of robbing the general population out of money they can't afford to lose? It boggles the mind. To make matters worse we have a police force that might as well have been trained by a pack of medieval bandits. If you get pulled over now a days you will either get tazered to death or they will throw a bag of drugs in your back seat and steal your car. Now, Where I live there are no town hall meetings, nor is there any way to get in contact with your representative or legislator. Its almost as if these people they are sitting on a cloud somewhere on top of a huge mountain that no one would ever dare to climb in the first place. These "officials" are more elusive then giant squids. The public is getting screwed from sun up to sun down, seven days a week, and they continue to get squeezed with a smile on their face. Its unbelievable.
Lets go down the list....shall we?

1. Most Police are trained to be gang members instead of public servants and the ones in suburban areas are over paid by about 50%. They feed on the public while being guard dogs for wealthy criminals.

City and Urban Police excluded: They are getting the shaft worse then us and they have to put their lives on the line everyday for a measley paycheck and more and more dangerous assignments.

2. Red Light Camera. We are delegating the power of law enforcement over to a robot that can malfunction, could be programmed incorrectly, or has been purposely programmed incorrectly to raise revenue so it can be siphoned out and deposited right back in the coffers of other state and local "Officials".

3. No end to absurdly high property taxes. How much does a family need to pay in a state like New York or California? Some people are actually paying 10,000 to 12,000 dollars a year JUST in property taxes alone. Where is that money going to? AND why? It's getting to the point where people are going to have to start moving to rural areas just to evade these outrageous taxes.

4. The systematic destruction of the middle class. This is the most chilling, horrendous, and counterproductive thing I have ever been privy to in my life. The combination of "free trade" agreements and the lack of labor support in this country is disgraceful. These people WANT a population that is wage slaves. They WANT a population who are afraid to ask questions and fight for their living wage. They WANT to destroy labor organizations and finally they WANT to convert high salary property owners into LOW WAGE PROPERTY-LESS MASSES. This is not a theory, this is a fact. Look around you. College graduates with Masters Degrees are working in coffee houses. We have doctors working at Wal-mart and Target. We have people who are so afraid of losing their jobs they continue to take more and more of a work load for the same amount of money.

We all need to wake up now. Its time to face reality. To understand who are the real enemies. Not the Blue team. Not the Red Team. Not the hippies, soulless capitalists, or the queers. The enemy is WALLSTREET. The enemy is financial oligarchs. We must regain consciousness and be aware of such dangers instead of stumbling through life as hedonistic cretins.

FIGHT. FIGHT FOR YOUR ECONOMIC RIGHTS. There are no fruits without struggle.