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Fantasy movies and why we love them!

Since I’ve been somewhat of a downer lately I felt that I should write an upbeat post that shines a spotlight on some of the greatest feel good fantasy films of all time. The good old days before CGI ruined the media world.

Now I know what you’re thinking, Fantasy Movies usually are stigmatized as either really nerdy or really girlie but my dear friends you must understand that the oldest and greatest stories ever penned were fantasy in concept. The hero’s journey has been around since the dawn of man and has been retold time and time again throughout a multitude of different cultures across the face of the world. As simple as this formula is it is timeless and resonates with all of us because we too have encountered the hero's journey in our own lives and probably haven’t even noticed!

The Hero’s Journey:

The Call to Adventure
Accepting the Journey
Teacher coming down from the mountain
The Ordeal
The Triumphant Return

Just from memory I'm going to pick a few movies that I’ve seen in my life and talk about the impressions they made on me and what special messages I believe were hidden within them.

Let's begin!


Recently I created a thread on the forums regarding the Highlander series. The original movie was an epic adventure filled to the brim with swordfights, immortals, and large supernatural electrical storms but other than all the flashy special effects the movie touches upon a timeless motif.


Since the beginning of time Human's have been attempting to make sense of their environment. How they would do this was to categorize all the elements and emotions they felt and anthropomorphize them into one specific deity. This deity of course would be immortal and embody their specified element (Earth, water, fire, wind, lightning, etc), emotion (love, jealousy, hatred, happiness, etc), or vocation (Medicine, blacksmithing, war, hunting, etc). In the movie Highlander however we see that the immortals have no power other than their universal immunity to death, unless of course they are decapitated. In an odd way they are similar to the Gorgans's from the ancient story of Perseus. All of them are semi-immortal unless their heads are separated from their bodies. The premise is gruesome but somewhat feasible if you think about it long enough.

Another idea which is taken from different stories throughout the ages is the battle of good and evil. It’s never said out loud but the personalities of Connor and his adversary Kurgan are polar opposites in every way. Connor is kind and thoughtful while Kurgan is a violent sociopath. The world of the immortals gets even more intriguing because they live among regular people but sadly have trouble taking part do to their long lives and sterility (all immortals seemed to be sterile until the newest Highlander movie "The Source" where it was shown that they can impregnate women some how..... but who cares about the Highlander sequels, they are all screwed up beyond recognition anyway), so by nature they are outcasts.

If you have already seen this movie and want some more immortal sword fighting action I would suggest giving the TV series a try. It really dives deeper into the world of immortals, the battles they fight, and how they interact within society.


Right from the beginning the movie draws inspiration from the biblical story of Moses. A woman who is holding a baby is being pursued and as a last ditch effort so save the child she sends it down stream. Luckily for the child it gets picked up by a nearby village of little people. I guess you can call them Hobbits, or dwarves, but in this specific movie they are called Pecks. I think? Peck may be a derogatory word used to describe them but I’m drawing a blank right now so it will have to do. They however are a good people who survive through agriculture and seem to be at peace with the land. After the baby is found by the main character (Willow) and his family they discuss about what to do with the child. The child is not of their race and must be brought to the council so that the elder can decide on what do to with it. This part in the story is known as the call to adventure because the Elder picks Willow to be the person to deliver the child to a nearby Human village. From there it the story goes on an exciting journey throughout their world. Chock full of Evil Sorceresses, a Skull Knight (General Kael!), and a multitude of other characters that really make the experience enjoyable. Mad Martigan is the typical Han Solo-ish character that starts out as an opportunist and as the movie progresses transforms into the white knight of the film. There are some very interesting supporting characters and different kinds of entities that draw the viewer deep within their world .
This is a very good movie and I must insist that all of you reading this should go and see it for yourselves. It is one of the last great fantasy films of all time. You shouldn’t miss it!


The world of Krull is a magnificent place. The environment is truly pristine and the inhabitants are colorful and pleasant. There is however an antagonist of mass proportions terrorizing the land. His name is the Beast and he commands an army of armored soldiers called Slayers who are equipped with weapons that are far superior to whatever the Krullites wield. The Beast is described as an all powerful entity who travels from world to world conquering the lands and doing what he pleases with the populations. The movie begins with Cowyln and Lyssa’s marriage to unite the kingdoms and from what it looks like after years of slayer onslaughts there isn’t that much left of either fiefdoms. As the wedding ceremony is about to be completed the slayers attack with a almost unstoppable power. They swarm the castle, grab Lyssa, and haul her back to the Beasts castle which seems to resemble a giant out of place mountain. To make matters worse this castle has the ability to teleport anywhere the Beast pleases and Cowyln is shot to pieces and has to be nursed back to health by the wise old hermit Ynyr. This is the mentor motif. An old sage of some sort who comes down from the mountain to bestow his knowledge on the up and coming hero. The movie Highlander had this as well with the teacher known as Ramirez (Sean Connery). Unfortunately most mentors tend to have short life spans after assisting their hero and meet their demise half way through the story. To make a long story short Cowyln who is commanded by Ynyr to find the “Glaive” which is an awesome weapon that looks like a gold five pointed star with blades that come out of the points. Its very well made and just to see it in action towards the end of the movie is well worth the wait. Now a lot of people were critical of how the weapon is used at the end but I for one thought it was done very well and I will explain why. The Glaive is supposed to embody power while love is represented in the form of fire. If you have seen the movie it’s a little easier to understand but it all comes together from one quote from the film.

“Power is fleeting, Love is eternal”

The reason why this cryptic message is so important is because the glaive (Power) is not strong enough to defeat the beast. Yes, it is used in many other important tasks within the Beast’s castle but it falls short of finishing the job. Only the fire (Love) of Lyssa and Cowyln together can vanquish the evil Beast and send him back into the void of space.

This is a very powerful movie and I remember searching for it forever before picking up the VHS (which I still own). It’s an amazing story that brings a message of how friendship and love is important to vanquish the evil and vices in ones life.

So ends this posting. I hope you have all enjoyed it and if you haven’t seen the movies I listed about please find time to watch them at least once. They are films that are very well made and have yet to be matched by any present day works.

Honorable Mentions:

Conan the Barbarian
Beast Master
Highlander III
Dark Crystal
Hawk the Slayer

Rush Job.....

Hello all,

Just wanted to spread the word about my three new videos, as I said in my previous post I will continue my comments on the present day situations that effect us all, like always you can find them on my YouTube channel: TheCoolinator1.

I must apologize though they are not edited. I accidentally exported them immediately after I was finished so its all raw footage.

The third video is called “Fight the Power” and consists of me critiquing some present day personality disorders that I've observed in some of the people I have come across in my life and a slight recap on my “Individuality” video about how one must stand for something and truly embody the morals and standards which they live by.

Hope you enjoy it. Comments are always appreciated.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shaking off the apathy.......

It's been a week now since I've last posted on YouTube. Its not that I ran out of subject matter its more along the lines that I don't think its interesting to most people. I think my newest article on this blog spot summed up my reaction the other day when I concluded that more people would go to a Video Game or Comic Book convention then an Anti-War march or political protest. It was very disheartening to have to face.

All of these smiling faces buying this entertainment fluff, living in the fantasy, living on the ecstasy but missing something much more important....................REALITY.

This is why I have came to the realization that I must continue my work on YouTube, Continue to inject the harsh cold reality on to the web. People need to be shocked out of this dream they live in. To a world that is a lot darker, a world that doesn't revolve around Video game or Movie reviews but of wars, oligarchs, and crazed eugenicists. Call me crazy but that’s a lot more entertaining then any of the mediocre fluff out there today.

Monday, August 24, 2009

War......What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing.

I never thought in my life that I would have to live through another Vietnam. At first I tried to compare it to Desert Storm 1 as an example but that skirmish didn't linger half as long as the nightmare that perpetuates on a daily basis in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Pakistan.

What's the reason for this article?
Well, I'm sick and tired of seeing mountains of fluff and entertainment. Yes, I do them as well but I also know how to balance them with the cold hard ugly reality that we need to gaze into every once in a while.

I guess the next question I should ask myself would be why do I care?
No one else does. People love to wave around their chinese made American flags and drink beer and obsess about their material posessions. Well I'm not going to be like that, I remember the first time the war(s) hit home for me. I turned on the television and we saw the portraits of dead soldiers recently blown to bits in the pointless wars. The same wars that were built on paranoia and lies. Most of the visages I let pass by without even glancing at their once smiling faces until just then a young blonde haired boys mug centered on the screen. Until this very day I hear the media announcer stating his age as his face continued to stare back at me through the television screen.

21 years old......21 years old...... the voice echoed.

I was twenty one as well at the time and for some reason I put myself in his position. I pictured myself shot to pieces in some desert wasteland by a bunch of Iraqi people that didn't want us there to begin with. I saw the anger in their faces of what we were doing to them, bombs dropping on suburban areas, my troops and private mercenary groups shooting civilians for no reason. Then I pictured the black rubber body bag bring zipped around me and the bouncing around on the cargo deck of a plane heading back home. To the land of the free. I didn't stop there either. I went even farther with my thoughts. I pictured my mother in pain and misery looking at me inside the shiny casket. The child which she once gave birth to dead prematurely because of lies....... because of deceit........ because of greed of the wealthy war profiteers.

I still hold those feeling with me every time I come home. Every time I see my father screaming at the TV because he disagrees with the news reporter. Every time I see my Mother cooking dinner. I then think of the Fathers and Mothers of the children who were led to the slaughter because Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, GE, Halliburton, Blackwater, and now Obama wanted to make a profit off the Human sufferage. I sometimes think of Colin Powell holding up the fake "anthrax" vial and shaking it around as if Saddam Hussein the nefarious substance at his disposal. I think of how President Bush kept envoking the 9/11 myth over and over again to fool the American people into fighting a war of imperialism. How they played upon their irrationality, their emotional weakness convince them to offer up themselves and their children on the to alter for the good of corporate monopolies.

It still continues to this day. Obama is no different. He promised an end to the war but then starts a new one with Pakistan. Obama's predator drones are the bane of peaceful Pakistani villages all over the country. Civilians are prey for our souless flying machines. Commanded cynically by some brainwashed 19 year old service member in some far off air conditioned bunker.

I now invite all of you to look at Mrs. Sheehans website and continue the anti-war sentiments until this useless chaos stops. Please visit the link below and realize that Obama and Bush are controlled by the same people. The same people who killed that 21 year old soldier and ruined the lives of his family.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Do you have Video Gamer OCD?

Check list:

1. Have you ever bought multiple copies of one game for no reason?

2. Have you ever had a game disc that works perfectly fine but bought another copy just to have it in brand new condition?

3. Have you ever spent cash on video games instead of buying groceries?

4. Have you ever spent money on video games instead of on your Girlfriend / Boyfriend?

5. Have you ever started playing a video game at night and did not stop until the sun came up the next morning?

6. Do you have so many video game products that you are having trouble storing them?

7. Have you ever tried to sell one of your family members to get money for a new video game system?

8. Do you often fantasize about owning your own arcade?

9. When you see an arcade game in the wild do you have an uncontrollable urge to walk towards it?

10. Have you ever gotten into any physical altercations at an arcade or while playing a home console?
11. Do you sometimes dress up as video game characters?
12. Do you get emotional while listening to video game soundtracks?
13. Do you fear leaving your house because you think something might happen to your video game collection?
14. Have you ever asked your significant other to dress up like a video game character for odd reasons?
15. Do you like Final Fantasy games?
16. Do you sometimes want your NES not to work so you can ritualistically blow into the cartridge?
17. Have you ever applied for a job at a video game store?
18. Do you constantly argue on video game forums?
19. Do you know the Mortal Kombat blood code and the Contra extra lives code?
20. When friends come over to play video games do you not allow them to place the game discs in the console for fear they may damage something?
How many did you answer yes to?
Thanks for playing

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How to stop the depression!

1. Raise living standards (Minimum wage of $20 dollars)

2. Expand medicaid and allow it to compete with the private sector. This will allow us (the people) to pick which one we want.

Mandatory federal law - Medicaid & Private Medical Insurance companies CANNOT deny care for any reason what so ever. If the people are continuing to pay into the program they will receive proper care. No hoops to jump through, No strings attached. Medicaid workers & Private Medical insurance workers WHO DENY CARE will go to jail. 5-10 year jail time for those who deny care. They should consider themselves lucky. The Nuremberg Trials would have them hanged.

3. Repeal Nafta, Cafta, GAT. All free trade agreements must end.

4. Seize the privately run federal reserve. Make them a part of the US Treasury and immediately start pumping low interest loans into production centered jobs.

5. Cap CEO salaries at $300,000.

6. Disassemble the CIA, Homeland Security, and FEMA. These are parasitical government organizations that do NOTHING but cause trouble around the world (CIA), Encroach upon Civil Liberties (Homeland Security), and are incompetent when managing natural disaster relief (FEMA). They are a waste of our money and should be erased. The people who are laid off can get jobs from the new production based job sector.

7. Use Anti-Trust / Anti-Monopoly laws to SMASH big agricultural companies.
Mandatory federal law - GMO, synthetic fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides are here by banned from the United States of america. Give low interest loans to organic farmers. Just this alone with lower obesity, lower cancer rates, lower developmental harm rates, lower birth defects, infertility, and environmental pollution drastically.

8. Strengthen Labor organization

9. Leave all wars and military bases from around the world. The wars a fake. Based on profit and enough men and women have died for nothing. Bring them home to their family and get them the medical and psychiatric help they need. End all torture concentration camps for "military combatants" and allow them to have speedy PUBLIC trials. Torturers will be tried in a court of law and held to the standards set by the Geneva Convention and Nuremberg laws.

10. Repeal the patriot act and all of its previsions. Impeach Obama, incarcerate Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice, Bill clinton, Rob Rubin, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernake, Tim Giethner, Henry Paulson.

11. Mandatory federal Law - OUTLAW Derivatives, "instruments", "exotic" investments. AIG, Goldman saches, JPmorgan chase, citibank, and numerous other banks are BANKRUPT and should be seized and their Derivative books erased. They should not be given trillions of dollars from our friends from the privately run federal reserve and their puppet Bush and now Obama. Reenact the Glass-Steagal Act and Uptick rule. TAX Wallstreet. 1% Tobin tax on Wallstreet turnovers. Funnel that money into industry and public works.
12. Stop forclosures on victims of predatory loans. Buy up all the bad mortgages and re-adjust their insterest rates to keep these people in their homes.
Mandatory Federal Law - Predatory adjustable rate mortgages are here by banned. Any persons caught making a predatory loan will serve a minimum of 5 years in jail . A bank which forecloses on any house during this depressionary era will be fined heavily and or jail time for high ranking board members / CEO's.

Monday, August 17, 2009

PS3 is the new Sega Saturn! Is bankruptcy imminent?

As we discussed in previous articles there has been a wave of backlash from the gaming community. We have three consoles on the market and the only one that has shown to sell in great numbers can be found collecting dust underneath a television or still in its original box. The others are either broken half the time or are still on the store shelves.

What has moved me to write this post is the foreboding nature of the present financial circumstances of Sony's latest console .....................the PS3.

Since its creation Sony has bet the farm on this huge black box. Just like its predecessor it doubles as another media device. A fancy Blue-Ray player. Now this is all fine and dandy in theory but who do you know that has a Blue-Ray player? And if they do own one, How many Blue-Ray movies do they own? I would think not many if any at all.

So where are we now? Well since a year and a half ago Sony has officially lost over 2 billion dollars on their new device. This a huge financial blow to this once technological giant. Every quarter that goes by Sony loses more that a hundred million dollars on their creation. Now that is just the profits, dear friends. Sony has had to let go over 20-30 percent of their workforce just in their gaming department. I ask. How long can they last? And that’s what brings me to this poorly written article that was posted earlier today in the Sega of America forums. An ironic place to have a conversation about bankruptcy and financial problems.

"Sony May Quit Gaming Market Claims GIN "

Immediately after reading it I made the comparison, the PS3 is the new Sega Saturn. It all came together so clearly now. The two systems are literally identical in terms of financial short comings. The sales for both are quite depressing and the system is not only hard to develop for but overpriced.
Now if you think that I'm being to harsh on the PS3 and Wii and not to the XBOX360 I must say that Microsofts console does fair much better. Yes, some gamers prefer the XBOX360 to the Wii and PS3 but I can tell you right now that consumer confidence in the XBOX brand has almost been chiseled to nothing. Microsoft is going to have an extremely tough time making sales whenever the new XBOX console comes out. People are not happy that their expensive new age gaming console can be turned into a hunk of useless plastic and circuits just because the temperature in the room goes up 2 degrees.

So is Sony out of the race? You would think me being a die hard Sega Fan I would scoff at this news but in all honesty I feel somewhat upset. I don't want Sony to go out like this. I feel that they did so well with the PS2. Yes, their games weren't as colorful, entertaining, or creative as some Dreamcast games but I still think it’s a good system none the less. I still have my second PS2 (first one broke) and I'm quite pleased with the variety of games I still have for it.
Now at the end of the article the writer muses that Sony may end up like Sega. A publisher of software after calling it quits in the hardware arena. Its completely understandable why Sega went down for the count. The trail of mismanagement was blatant and obvious. The 32X, Nomad, Sega Saturn. The Sega train ran out of coal right after the second year of the Dreamcast. Sony doesn't seem to have a beaten trail of folly like Sega had, what they had was bad luck. It was a gamble to them and they came up short. They bet it all on red and the roulette wheel turned up black. From an Electronics company that wiped the floor with the veteran video game corporations like Nintendo and Sega to a ravaged hulk a drift on the oceans of debt and misery.

I can't imagine what can come next but we all know that there is no Hope & Change in this economy. People don't have the time nor the money to invest on a new console and a $60 dollar game every pay check. People are saving, their using their money to pay off bills, pay off debt, medical costs, food, electric, oil, gas. The farthest thing from the peoples mind right now is to buy a giant black block to put it in their living room to collect dust because they can't afford the software.

Now who is to blame? The people?


The Sony Employees?


The Sony executives, CEO, and Board Members?

I guess. If blame needed to be hung around the neck of anyone it must be them. They are the decision makers. They are the signers of contracts and the designers of products.

Will they lost their jobs?

Probably not. They don't care if the company burns to the ground. They signed their contract. Its the little people that work for them that will suffer.

This is a lesson that everyone should take heed. The detach of upper management from the ground levels and consumer wants causes needless havoc. Not researching how much the average person is willing to buy and allowing Olympian like corporate elites to decide the life and death of an company only ends in disaster.

Note to all hardware manufacturers. Listen to your fans and ask them what they want.....and for what price they are willing to spend.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Organic food = Yummy Time!

The information found in this posting was taken from the official Cascadian Farms Website.

Why should you go organic?

For You and Your Family! Organic foods are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers or genetically engineered ingredients.
For the Planet! Organic Farming helps keep air, water, and soil clean by not using synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
It's Easy! There are many organic options to choose from.

What is organic?

Organic refers to the way agricultural products and foods are grown and processed. Organic production is based on a system of farming that maintains and replenishes soil fertility without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers. To maintain the integrity of the final product, organic foods are minimally processed without artificial ingredients, preservatives, or irradiation. The "organic" food label identifies food grown with practices that:

Don't use synthetic pesticides, herbicides and soil fumigants.

Don't use genetic engineering

Don't use sewage sludge as fertilizer

Do improve the quality and fertility of the soil

Do protect water quality

Do reduce soil erosion

Do rely on natural biological systems for pest and weed control

Do reduce the impact of agriculture on our environment

Do produce high quality, great tasting food

do the terms "natural" and "organic" mean the same thing?
No. According to the USDA, the terms "natural" and "organic" are not interchangeable. Only food labeled "organic" meets USDA's national organic standards. While other claims, such as "natural," "free-range," and "hormone-free," can still appear on food labels these terms should not be confused with "organic."

Is organic food better for consumers and the environment?

By eating organic foods, you limit your exposure to synthetic insecticides, fungicides and herbicides, because these chemicals are not applied to organic crops. Additionally by eating organic foods, you limit your intake of growth hormones and antibiotics, because organic meat and dairy farmers are prohibited from using hormones and antibiotics in organic livestock and dairy production. Finally by eating organic foods, you limit your intake of genetically modified foods because organic farmers cannot raise genetically modified crops or livestock or use production aids that are genetically modified. Organic farming methods help provide a safer, more healthy environment by: 1) not polluting our groundwater, rivers, lakes, and oceans with synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers; 2) reducing soil erosion; 3) improving soil quality; 4) increasing the diversity of wildlife on and near farms; and 5) not exposing farm workers to synthetic pesticides.

When I go to the supermarket, how can I tell organically produced food from conventionally produced food?

On October 21, 2002, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) put into effect the national organic standards ensuring consistency for all organic products marketed in the U.S. Along with the new standards, the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has developed strict labeling rules to help consumers know the exact organic content of the food they buy. The "USDA Organic" seal helps you find products that contain at least 95 percent certified organic ingredients.You'll find four labeling categories when looking for organic products in stores and markets: 100 percent Organic: All of the product's content is certified organic. These products may display the USDA Organic seal on the label. Organic: At least 95 percent of the product's content is certified organic. These products may also display the USDA Organic seal on the label. These products contain some minor ingredients that are not certified organic, such as minerals and vitamins. Made with Organic Ingredients: At least 70 percent of the product's content is certified organic. Up to three ingredients can be listed on the label with the phrase "made with organic." Products containing less than 70 percent organic content may only identify the organic ingredients in the ingredient listing on the label.

Will I find the USDA Organic seal on all organic products?

No. The use of the USDA Organic seal is voluntary. And the USDA Organic seal can only be used on products with at least 95 percent certified organic ingredients.

On what food products can the USDA Organic seal be displayed?

The USDA Organic seal may appear on organic food products that contain at least 95 percent certified organic ingredients.

What are some key provisions of the national organic regulations?

The national organic regulations:
prohibit the use of irradiation, sewage sludge, or genetically modified organisms in organic food production
reflect the National Organic Standards Board recommendations on the allowable materials for use by organic farmers, organic livestock producers, and organic processors
require organic farmers to demonstrate soil quality improvement
prohibit antibiotics and growth hormones in organic meat and poultry
require 100% organic feed for organic livestock

Should I be concerned about the safety of eating organic food?

Certified organic farmers and processors follow strict food safety guidelines to assure safe and hygienic food production. All food producers, including organic farmers and processors, must comply with local, state and federal health standards. In addition to these health and safety standards, organic farmers and processors are also required to comply with the stringent requirements included in USDA's national organic regulations.
These more stringent food standards include restrictions on application of raw manure to soil; organic audit trail requirement; organic farm plan requirement; organic handling plan requirement; prohibition of synthetic pesticide use; prohibition of GMO (genetically modified organism) use; prohibition of food irradiation; and prohibition of chemical food processing methods.

What does the organic industry do to ensure safe and wholesome food production?

Certified organic farmers and processors are inspected annually by an independent, USDA accredited certification agent. During the annual inspection, the certification agent verifies compliance with the national organic regulations and reviews the food safety practices of organic growers and processors. This helps assure that organic producers are in compliance with all local, state, and federal health standards and with the more stringent requirements included in the USDA's national organic regulations.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ok.....I got lazy this weekend.....

I apologize that there hasn't been a new YouTube video yet. The last one I made was “Obama's Corporate Healthcare” and since then I've been struggling to pick what I want to do next. The video gamer inside me wants to do a review on the Sega Genesis and Hexen but the more serious side of me wants to make a tribute video to the author H.P. Lovecraft or an eye opening episode on Charlotte Iserbyt’s book “The Deliberate Dumbing down of America” which entails how the modern educational system has been destroyed from within by corporate elites.

Hopefully by the end of today we should have a few new episodes on TheCoolinator1 channel at

Thank you all for your support!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What's the deal with Retro-Gaming? Part 2

Since my first article on Retro-Gaming many a things have come to pass. First off, I've discovered that there are these retro twin systems that have the capability of playing old 8-bit and 16-bit cartridges all in one. A very nice design, if I may say so!


They come fully loaded with two controllers and a light gun for old school gun games like Duck hunt and Hogan's Alley!

Then I found out that the new Genesis console is no longer called the "Firebox". It was renamed the HARDCORE! And it seems to be as well made as its last incarnation but this time with a port for downloadable content from the web. This is due to Sega wanting to develop 20 new 16-bit games for download with the new Firecore system. I would assume its to lure people into buying it considering most kids now a days have no idea what a cartridge even is. Dam kids! Some have criticized its predecessor's sound quality but hopefully they have fine tuned it this time around for our retro gaming enjoyment. The second new Genesis console is literally the same thing as the Firecore but the design of the system itself looks like Sonic's spikey head. What's next Sega? Sonic Roller-skates? Sonic Toasters? Sonic toothpaste? I guess its always a good time to exploit Sonic for financial gain. Eitherway, The system does look sharp.

FireCore! GenCore!

Remember! Each new Genesis console comes fully loaded with 20 games. Most of which are very good.....some are...ehhh...but how can you complain? When I first got my Genesis in the early 90's I never got a free game with it. All I got was the console and a controller with one foot of cord.

Its raining Nomads!!!!

This is a strange series of events that has been goin on in the retro gaming world. A few months back we heard rumors that there was going to be a Sega Nomad clone. What triggered it was a random video being circulated on YouTube which was filmed at some kind of gaming convention. In the video some chubby Asian guy said there was going to be a new Genesis console (The picture on the power point presentation in the video was the Gencore) and there would be a new Sega Nomad clone handheld (Picture on the projection screen resembled the RetroGen). Since then our wonderful friends at Gamesboro have been taking pre-orders for the device. This is where the story gets complicated. Most people have put in their pre-orders for their Retrogen's but just the other day AtGames has allowed pre-orders for guessed it... THEIR Nomad clone!

The RetroGen is manufactured by a company called Innex and the GenMobile (The other Nomad Clone) is made by AtGames! So as you can tell this was right out of left field. Who would have thought in the year 2009 we would be getting not one but TWO Nomad clones?

RetroGen! GenMobile!

What are the differences between the two? Well, from what I see the RetroGen has a larger screen while the GenMobile has a slightly smaller screen but has 20 preloaded games on it like the HandHeld Megadrive and the new Genesis consoles. I don't know about you guys but I'm in somewhat of a dilemma here. I may just buy them both if I can't make up my dam mind! Decisions.....Decisions......

Honorable Mentions:

Handheld Megadrive

20 games in one. No cartridge slot but can plug into your TV. Great present for a younger family member or a person who commutes.

Click here to check out all the cool new stuff -