Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What's the deal with Retro-Gaming? Part 2

Since my first article on Retro-Gaming many a things have come to pass. First off, I've discovered that there are these retro twin systems that have the capability of playing old 8-bit and 16-bit cartridges all in one. A very nice design, if I may say so!


They come fully loaded with two controllers and a light gun for old school gun games like Duck hunt and Hogan's Alley!

Then I found out that the new Genesis console is no longer called the "Firebox". It was renamed the HARDCORE! And it seems to be as well made as its last incarnation but this time with a port for downloadable content from the web. This is due to Sega wanting to develop 20 new 16-bit games for download with the new Firecore system. I would assume its to lure people into buying it considering most kids now a days have no idea what a cartridge even is. Dam kids! Some have criticized its predecessor's sound quality but hopefully they have fine tuned it this time around for our retro gaming enjoyment. The second new Genesis console is literally the same thing as the Firecore but the design of the system itself looks like Sonic's spikey head. What's next Sega? Sonic Roller-skates? Sonic Toasters? Sonic toothpaste? I guess its always a good time to exploit Sonic for financial gain. Eitherway, The system does look sharp.

FireCore! GenCore!

Remember! Each new Genesis console comes fully loaded with 20 games. Most of which are very good.....some are...ehhh...but how can you complain? When I first got my Genesis in the early 90's I never got a free game with it. All I got was the console and a controller with one foot of cord.

Its raining Nomads!!!!

This is a strange series of events that has been goin on in the retro gaming world. A few months back we heard rumors that there was going to be a Sega Nomad clone. What triggered it was a random video being circulated on YouTube which was filmed at some kind of gaming convention. In the video some chubby Asian guy said there was going to be a new Genesis console (The picture on the power point presentation in the video was the Gencore) and there would be a new Sega Nomad clone handheld (Picture on the projection screen resembled the RetroGen). Since then our wonderful friends at Gamesboro have been taking pre-orders for the device. This is where the story gets complicated. Most people have put in their pre-orders for their Retrogen's but just the other day AtGames has allowed pre-orders for guessed it... THEIR Nomad clone!

The RetroGen is manufactured by a company called Innex and the GenMobile (The other Nomad Clone) is made by AtGames! So as you can tell this was right out of left field. Who would have thought in the year 2009 we would be getting not one but TWO Nomad clones?

RetroGen! GenMobile!

What are the differences between the two? Well, from what I see the RetroGen has a larger screen while the GenMobile has a slightly smaller screen but has 20 preloaded games on it like the HandHeld Megadrive and the new Genesis consoles. I don't know about you guys but I'm in somewhat of a dilemma here. I may just buy them both if I can't make up my dam mind! Decisions.....Decisions......

Honorable Mentions:

Handheld Megadrive

20 games in one. No cartridge slot but can plug into your TV. Great present for a younger family member or a person who commutes.

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