Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How to stop the depression!

1. Raise living standards (Minimum wage of $20 dollars)

2. Expand medicaid and allow it to compete with the private sector. This will allow us (the people) to pick which one we want.

Mandatory federal law - Medicaid & Private Medical Insurance companies CANNOT deny care for any reason what so ever. If the people are continuing to pay into the program they will receive proper care. No hoops to jump through, No strings attached. Medicaid workers & Private Medical insurance workers WHO DENY CARE will go to jail. 5-10 year jail time for those who deny care. They should consider themselves lucky. The Nuremberg Trials would have them hanged.

3. Repeal Nafta, Cafta, GAT. All free trade agreements must end.

4. Seize the privately run federal reserve. Make them a part of the US Treasury and immediately start pumping low interest loans into production centered jobs.

5. Cap CEO salaries at $300,000.

6. Disassemble the CIA, Homeland Security, and FEMA. These are parasitical government organizations that do NOTHING but cause trouble around the world (CIA), Encroach upon Civil Liberties (Homeland Security), and are incompetent when managing natural disaster relief (FEMA). They are a waste of our money and should be erased. The people who are laid off can get jobs from the new production based job sector.

7. Use Anti-Trust / Anti-Monopoly laws to SMASH big agricultural companies.
Mandatory federal law - GMO, synthetic fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides are here by banned from the United States of america. Give low interest loans to organic farmers. Just this alone with lower obesity, lower cancer rates, lower developmental harm rates, lower birth defects, infertility, and environmental pollution drastically.

8. Strengthen Labor organization

9. Leave all wars and military bases from around the world. The wars a fake. Based on profit and enough men and women have died for nothing. Bring them home to their family and get them the medical and psychiatric help they need. End all torture concentration camps for "military combatants" and allow them to have speedy PUBLIC trials. Torturers will be tried in a court of law and held to the standards set by the Geneva Convention and Nuremberg laws.

10. Repeal the patriot act and all of its previsions. Impeach Obama, incarcerate Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice, Bill clinton, Rob Rubin, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernake, Tim Giethner, Henry Paulson.

11. Mandatory federal Law - OUTLAW Derivatives, "instruments", "exotic" investments. AIG, Goldman saches, JPmorgan chase, citibank, and numerous other banks are BANKRUPT and should be seized and their Derivative books erased. They should not be given trillions of dollars from our friends from the privately run federal reserve and their puppet Bush and now Obama. Reenact the Glass-Steagal Act and Uptick rule. TAX Wallstreet. 1% Tobin tax on Wallstreet turnovers. Funnel that money into industry and public works.
12. Stop forclosures on victims of predatory loans. Buy up all the bad mortgages and re-adjust their insterest rates to keep these people in their homes.
Mandatory Federal Law - Predatory adjustable rate mortgages are here by banned. Any persons caught making a predatory loan will serve a minimum of 5 years in jail . A bank which forecloses on any house during this depressionary era will be fined heavily and or jail time for high ranking board members / CEO's.

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  1. 1. Wouldn't be necessary if you go through with "3.", as three is the main reason for the devaluation of our currency.

    5. I wouldn't do. If a company is economically sound and profitable they should be allowed to pay there executives whatever they feel they can afford, so long as it doesn't endanger the company's financial stability, and therefor its employees.

    6. Disassemble the CIA. Can't agree on that. You are quite correct that the agency has medled unjustly in the affairs of other nations. Instead of doing away with the agency though I would reforge the agency back to what its original intended purpose, gathering critical information vital to the stability of our nation.

    As for the rest of your points, I couldn't agreee with you more.