Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shaking off the apathy.......

It's been a week now since I've last posted on YouTube. Its not that I ran out of subject matter its more along the lines that I don't think its interesting to most people. I think my newest article on this blog spot summed up my reaction the other day when I concluded that more people would go to a Video Game or Comic Book convention then an Anti-War march or political protest. It was very disheartening to have to face.

All of these smiling faces buying this entertainment fluff, living in the fantasy, living on the ecstasy but missing something much more important....................REALITY.

This is why I have came to the realization that I must continue my work on YouTube, Continue to inject the harsh cold reality on to the web. People need to be shocked out of this dream they live in. To a world that is a lot darker, a world that doesn't revolve around Video game or Movie reviews but of wars, oligarchs, and crazed eugenicists. Call me crazy but that’s a lot more entertaining then any of the mediocre fluff out there today.

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  1. More entertaining because its the crazy reality we actually live in and mentally try bury in the back of our minds just so we can put on a fake smile for all the customers, clients, co-workers, and other people we encounter each day.

    Yeah, I'd much rather go to a video game convention too. But I guess that's why these mentally insane politicains have gained the death grip and virtually free reign over us that they posses, because it's so psychologically freightening some of the sadistic stuff these people are doing and trying to do to us, the general populace, that the majority would rather ignore it in the hopes that it will all magically go away without there ever having to get involved.

    I think this insanity with this ambiguous "Obamacare" that Obama Hussein is trying to force down our throats has finally made many of us realize that if we want to live as free people as God almighty and our fore fathers intended we must take a stand against the tyranny that has sprung up within our own government.

    The true "entertainment" vakue of all this lies in knowledge. Knowledge is power, and the truth shall set you free. But, knowledge of truth without applied action only serves to fuel the tyranny.