Monday, February 15, 2010

Pinball mishap then resolution!

Unfortunately I will not be getting the Speak Easy Pinball Machine anymore because the distributor that I was attempting to do business with seemed to be very unorganized, sluggish, and so overwhelmed with other things that he was unable to complete the transaction.

Sucks for him…..

On a good note however, I found another distributor that has already taken my money and will be delivering my reconditioned pinball machine TX-Sector on Thursday of this week. It was a little bit more cash but it has a lot more action going on in the play field. Bumpers, drop downs, ramps, and much, much, more then Speak Easy had to offer. So either way my Pinball machine journey has come to an end. Thanks you all for your support!

Heres another pictures of the Machine. Can't Wait until it gets here!

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