Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Painkiller and the NEW Painkiller Resurrection

In my opinion Painkiller was the closest thing we gamers got to an old school shooter in the last decade. If IDSoftware remade Doom correctly then it would have turned out similar to Painkiller.

Painkiller was an FPS that didn't need a storyline. It had the balls, it had the action, it had the atmosphere. The story was just extra. What was really important was to see how many monsters you could cut to pieces with the whirling blade thing or how many bad guys you could stick to the wall with your steak gun.

The boss battles were perfect. Giant monsters that took up the whole screen in a large arena...Perfect. The challenges were not annoying to complete at all, and the upgrades were awesome....Slowing down time and rapid fire were my favorite.

What don't present day game developers get about making a good FPS game? They need to re-play DOOM, Hexen, or DukeNukem3D as soon as possible and realize what they are missing.

Now, I'm not just making this blog to praise Painkiller. We should all do that in private. I'm creating this blog to show people that a NEW Painkiller game is coming out soon.

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  1. I played that for the Xbox. Rather montonous. More characters onscreen, more variety, etc. would've been solid. Nice atmosphere in terms of graphics though on some of the levels.