Tuesday, July 7, 2009

YouTube is the greatest

Like many people out there I'm a YouTube addict and I have stumbled across the whole spectrum of what Youtube can dish out. We got video gamers giving reviews, we got people jumping over stuff on bikes and cars, we got aliens , and sea monsters. NO JOKE! Its freaking on there triple pinky swear!

So anyway, a few days ago I was doing my usually boycott of cable television and surfing Youtube for some entertaining stuff and Ka-blam! I found the coolest stuff this side of the hemisphere. Let me dish it out for all you philistines.

Super Cool Youtube Sites!

Classic Game Room - In my opinion one of the most professional YouTube Channels I have ever seen. Great editing, great commentary, the works.

Happy Console Gamer - I must admit he is somewhat new at the game but this guy has a rockin' video game collection and some knowledge to boot. Also, he seems like a super cool dude cause his name is "Johnny Millenium" and his sidekicks name is "Rob Man". Now those are some pretty cool names.

Spoony / The Spoony Experiment - This guy is not just the run of the video game reviewer. He also does movies too! Excited yet? Well guess what, this guy has to be some kind of film student or something cause he gives the most indebt movie reviews out there. He really gets in touch with how good or ........terrible some of the movies he sees and he doesn't mince words either. Hes a straight shooter and that makes me want to buy him an iced coffee!

Cambo - This guys name is Cambo with some numbers at the end I can't really remember too well. Eitherway he posts these radio shows on his site by this guy called Webster Tarpley who is some kind of super genius. I kid you not dear friends. TheCoolinator would never lie. Ya, some of the stuff that he talks about are way over the heads of many people but who cares! Hes like a good Lex Luther or something. Check him out.

Nathan Barnatt - This guy is an excellent physical comedian. He has numerous acts that he brings to the table. A nerd guy name Kieth Apicary, a crazy candy lover names Trale Lewous, and some dude called Simmins Dupont that has a kickin' moustace!

Check these guys out. They are good peoples!

Until next time!

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