Monday, April 19, 2010

Right off the Presses! Rush Rush Rally Racing

Hello everyone!

I just discovered on The Dreamcast Junkyard blog spot that the brand new, independently developed, Sega Dreamcast game - Rush Rush Rally Racing has completely sold out on The only copies that are left for purchase there are the deluxe limited edition sets.

I couldn't help feeling that this is very reminiscent of another independently developed Sega Dreamcast game from 2009 called Wind & Water Puzzle battles. This game also sold out at on it's first print. What this means to me and I assume many others as well is that there is a very healthy Sega Dreamcast fan base out around the world that refuses to allow the little white wonder to go quietly into the night. It truly moves me that there are so many great people out there that share the same amount of respect for older consoles and independent developers. I for one am sick and tired of seeing newer games that are all flash and cut scenes but contain little to no entertainment value.

As I stated in my previous posts about Retro-Gaming, I believe wholeheartedly that gamers young and old are rebelling against the status quo, the social norm, and the established paradigm. I feel that more and more gamers will break free from this expensive and wasteful treadmill and go on to spend their cash and time on games that are actually fun and require some kind of skill to beat.

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