Thursday, March 11, 2010

Man Made Global Warming / Climate Change isn't real……coming to terms.….

Man Made Global Warming / Climate Change is not real……coming to terms.….

Not many of my millions of readers know this but Global Warming which is now referred to as Climate Change is a fraud. It’s nothing more than a corporate run mass movement to dupe the environmentalists into focusing all their energy on CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions. CO2 is a beneficial gas used by plants in their growth process. It is also released when hydrocarbon fuels are burnt to create energy. It’s non-toxic and does not effect the warming of the climate. Organisms (including the 6 billion humans on the planet) exhale carbon dioxide during the end phase of their respiratory cycle. Oxygen comes in, gets diffused into the bloodstream, and the waste product is Carbon Dioxide. We exhale it while plants breathe it in; this completes a normal and beneficial gas cycle which has taken place for millions of years. Understandably though since the industrial revolutions Human beings have been using more and more energy to produce their goods and services, this is not a bad thing. The only thing that is unfortunate is that the human race is held hostage by a very small group of oil and coal cartels which wish to halt human progress and technological advances to maintain their grip on the throats of the people. This iron grip has been challenged in many cases around the globe. One example of progress is the sovereign nation state of Brazil. The population of Brazil uses a mix of alcohol and ethanol to power their machinery. This is renewable, clean, and if grown organically will also be sustainable for decades to come.

Now, the reason why they focus the Greenie’s so fanatically on CO2 is that it’s an irrelevant gas in terms of industry. Many of the gasses and substances used by profit based manufacturing corporations to produce their goods are mostly toxic and some of which heavily regulated. Many of their factories need technologically advanced scrubber systems installed in their smoke stacks to prevent harmful heavy metals and synthetic chemicals from being spewed out into the surrounding atmosphere which have the potential to sit at ground level and affect the health of the local population. These harmful chemicals also have the ability to come down in the form of rain water which can harm fish, forests, and wildlife.

A list of potentially hazardous materials and practices that the Global Warming / Climate Change groups do not address:

Sulfur or sulphur pollution
Nitrogen pollution
Adhesives fumes
Volatile Organic Compounds
Cadmium pollution
Mercury pollution
Arsenic pollution
Lead Pollution
Depleted Uranium pollution
Plastics pollution
Electronic Waste pollution
Diesel Fumes
Gasoline Fumes
Chromium pollution
Polybrominated diphenyls ethers
Polybrominated biphenyls
Xylene pollution
Bisphenyl-A contamination
Melamine contamination
Factory Farming - Unsustainable agriculture - (Battery cages, Synthetic Fertilizers, Pesticides, and Herbicides)
Chlorinated solvents

Progressive plans that Global Warming / Climate change advocates choose to consistently ignore:

Renewable energies – (Vegetable oil based fuels, Alcohol fuels, Hydrogen Fuel , Magnetic energy, tidal power, individual household solar and wind power, geothermal)

1. Sustainable agriculture – organic agriculture – traditional agriculture

2. Stricter regulations on the use of hazardous materials for production based goods

3. Substitutes for synthetic hazardous materials used in production based manufacturing

4. Banning of cheap harmful chemicals in industrial and food products

5. Better quality assurance from manufacturers abroad

6. Environmental restoration

Since the whole Global Warming / Climate change movement is privatized, it means that they are pushing an agenda. The most ironic part about this is that instead of multinational corporations attempting to bribe statesmen with lobbyists they instead fool the whole population with “End of the world” hysteria, playing upon their frail emotions, and then demanding for what Wall Street wants. There is a weakness in their strategy which reaches far beyond political and scientific. It’s common sense. If people open their eyes and research the leaders of this so-called movement, find out who really funds them, and what their goals are then anyone who has even the slightest critical thinking abilities can uncover this ruse.

Their corporate goals:

1.Establish a Carbon Tax on the people (Not big business). The revenue obtained by this tax will be given directly to private interests either industrial or financial.

2. Austerity for the people (Higher costing commodities, No hot baths, No vacations, No heating or cooling of homes, no raising of living standards, one child policy, eminent domain)

3.Create a speculative carbon based derivative market

4. Deindustrialization (More jobs lost)

5. Special privileges for the few at the expense of the many (Loosening of regulations on REAL hazardous materials and lowering pollution standards)

Let us not forget that Al Gore’s role in FREE TRADE (Destruction of the USA production base). Many of you reading this may know someone that’s unemployed or are unemployed yourself. One of the reasons for this is because of Mr. Al Gore and his FREE TRADE policies that were supposed to make us rich. Does anyone really believe this shill for corporate interests? No. The answer is blatant and obvious.

This is my view on the hoax. What do you think?

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