Monday, January 25, 2010

My new obsession!

Hello all,

Coolinator coming to you live from corporate slave land. I just wanted to tell my vast fan base out there that I have gotten pinball fever. No, I didn’t catch it from a street walking strumpet nor did I get it from a dirty hand rail. I caught it from Pinball Hall of Fame: William’s collection for the PS2 and I must say that this is the most impressive pinball video game I have ever played. To make matters even worse I’m also afflicted with the Arcade Machine bug as well! I’ve been doing tons of research on these wonderful little wooden boxes of yesteryear and I must say am having a wonderful time. Too bad I don’t have any space to put them because I would definitely toss some cash into the wind for my own pinball table and a new arcade cabinet or two.

I am no stranger to arcade machines because just by chance my family used to be neighbors with an arcade distributor and we purchased our own arcade machine. It’s Crystal Castles from Atari, a wonderful classic played with one button (jump) and a track ball. It’s old and dusty and I lost the keys for it but it still works just as it did when it came off the assembly line.

Here are some favorites I’ve been drooling over. If you have any Arcade Machine / Pinball stories please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below telling us your story.


  1. Hey The Coolinator. I have read your comment on my blog and I have posted a reply on mine if you would like to read it. I would love your feedback.

    Hoping to hear From You


  2. Hey Again

    I have once again posted a reply to your comment. I hope this will answer your question.